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Our more than 35 years experience is the base to act as a reliable partner for our forwarders.

"DOOR TO DOOR TO AFRICA", hand-in-hand with well-selected, dependable African partners – this is not merely a motto but our mission.

Founded more than 30 years ago by Silvia and Uwe Timmermann in Hamburg, we have been refined our competences to be team of experienced and highly-qualified forwarders.

Furthermore we offer training positions to become a forwarder und look forward to pass our experience to young people.


independent NVOCC

As 100% independent Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and partner of freight forwarder and ‚"Global Player", based in the Hamburg suburbs and dependable partner with an excellent reputation throughout the entire world - we share our experience and special knowledge of the African requirements.


More than

4000 Containers / year

Each year we ship more than 4.000 containers from all over the world into the ‚black continent‘.
At the moment we are able to reach more than 80 destinations with regular and on-demand services.

Of course, we look forward to offering additional transport services apart from the main destinations.


Our target

Your satisfaction

OVERSEAS-FREIGHTERS has been founded to execute dispatch services within Africa. – and this long before the shipping lines included this service in their offer portfolio.
Our satisfied customers who make use of our service are forwarders.
They particularly value that the place of jurisdiction for all their transports is located in Germany. Just in case, there is a clear reliability.


We organize not only the TRANSPORTS WITHIN AFRICA,
but also to locations within the Indian Ocean and the Red sea.

In order to offer the optimum service we are able to use:
Lorry, Sea Vessel, Train, Plane and Barge (or: by land, by sea and by air).

Of course, we can combine all traffic to meet our customer’s requirements.
In addition of the Transport of Containers we organize the shipment of Project cargoes for NON-CONTAINERISABLE GOODS as well as  consolidated cargos to Africa.

You can be assured that your goods are picked up, safely forwarded and shipped in a timely manner.

your shipment is recorded and escorted by only one document.


You can be assured to receive regular information during the entire transport of your shipment.
Our target is to ensure a safe and quick arrival of your shipment.

Our Experience with African mentality and infastructure,
which we gained during many travels in Africa is a key competitive advantage to the benefit of our customers.